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Changing ‘the Agent’

Having been involved in football as a player, fan, scout, coach and elected supporters representative for nearly 30 years [Russ], for me the word ‘agent’ is one that most football fans associate with vast sums of money, underhand tactics and ultimately gre...

Which players to sign?

An interesting insight by experienced data analysts and economists was found in reading “Soccernomics” by Kuper and Szymanski (2012). This the updated version to the original text in ‘Why England lose’. At Ballon Sports Agency, Russ a...

Reflections of Russ

Russ Johnson, Co-Founder Ballon, reflects on his journey to prominence in the ‘beautiful game’. Having been a goalkeeper in my youth – I was ecstatic when my Son volunteered to go in goal for a local grassroots team.  He turned heads, and immedi...

Ballon reach the Summit

VSi has kindly invited Ballon to the next Sporting Director Summit. This is a priviledge as open by exclusive invitation only to 150 senior and visionary sports leaders. Co-Founder, Ballon, Adrian Stores, reacted to the invite with enthusiasm as he has a parti...

The S’Port is going up

In its first ever Season in the elite, National Volleyball League, Stockport Volleyball Club has been promoted after final fixtures against Nottingham and Darlington. Competing against high-profile clubs this Year including Manchester, Newcastle and York, Stoc...



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